Levente Kőfalvi

Levente Kőfalvi

Levente Kőfalvi
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Photography lights made simple: classic one light portrait setups to try right now. In our latest portrait photography cheat sheet we show you 7 one light portrait setups, with both the arrangement and the effects produced.

2016 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry #321

(Part with a bamboo-ish tree/plant planted at the end of the bark in the left shelf, kept tall enough for it's canopy to touch the screen top. Some old man's beard moss can hand in front of the glass.

niwaki garden

PHOTO: Niwaki near the Japanese Garden bridge.

geodesic dome

The Garden Igloo Dome - Weatherproof. The unique Garden Igloo is a multi-purpose portable dome shaped structure that can transform your outside area and ca