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Levente Szalay

Levente Szalay
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TV Swivel Concepts – Very Practical And Perfect For Modern Homes

TV Swivel Concepts – Very Practical And Perfect For Modern Homes - maybe perfect for the basement apartment? Serves as a space divider & you only need 1 TV for the living room & bedroom to share.

Új megoldás a konyhai eszközök tárolásában * New solution for storing your kitchen appliances

Cut down on kitchen appliances. This "kitchen center" has one motor and display that has various kitchen appliance attachments. It eliminates extra cords and saves space by using just one motor for all appliances.

Reggeli egy Messzi, Messzi Galaxisban :) * Breakfast in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Lightsaber knife, toasts the bread WHILE you cut it. First, who buys unsliced bread? Second, you always leave a half-toasted piece of bread behind. What if next time you just need bread?

Miért kotlanak ezek a macskák tojásokon? :)* Why would these cats brood on eggs? :)

kawaii and cute products or gadgets Adorable and practical products Boil your eggs in true kawaii style with this cute cat egg boiler =^.^= // i hate boiled eggs so much but this is so cuuute oh my gosh

Ez ám a konyhakert :) * What a great kitchen-garden :)

Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden uses hydroponic technique to grow food. Nano Garden lets you grow vegetables right in your kitchen. Eco Factor: Kitchen vegetable garden grows food without using harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

Mint forró kés a vajban * Like a hot knife slicing butter

40 Amazing Life Hack Products You Never Knew You Needed. New info says margarine is unhealthy and real butter is much better for you - but too hard to be convenient.

A legfontosabb konyhai eszköz :) * The most important kitchen appliance :)

Perfect for your home or work, to use in the kitchen for viewing your recipes. Also a great way to listen to music on your tablet or watch TV! Just like a clothespin attached to any shelf and does not interfere closing doors.