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Our very first Word Perfect English tip for learning English. Lots more to come. Hope you like them and share them with the world!

Our very first Word Perfect English tip for learning English.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Time is money.” But what do these two things actually have to do with one another? Expand your financial English skills and knowledge with Ted Educators and Word Perfect English! To test your understanding and for additional resources check out:

We’ve all heard the phrase “Time is money. German Nande explains the math behind interest

Excellent web tools to help perfect your English pronunciation.

Syllables that oscillate in neuronal circuits - What neuroscience can say about speech processing in the brain. Speech, emitted or received, produces an electrical activity in neurons that neuroscientists measure in the form of «cortical oscillations

There is no app for good teaching…But there are ways in which you can bring technology into your class to enhance student experience. :) Help students solve problems, discover information and make meaning out of the world around them. Challenge them and encourage risk-taking!

In previous articles, I wrote about some emerging educational technologies and technology concepts that every teacher must keep track of to be more effective in