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a knitted scarf is shown on a mannequin headdress with a blue background
Sjaal met vasten
a woman standing in front of a brick wall wearing a knitted shawl and leather pants
Ribbelsjaal (gratis patroon)
a woman standing in front of a dresser with a blanket over her shoulders and shoes on the floor
Katia Omslagdoek Breien - Ouderwets Breien
a woman wearing a green knitted scarf with a tag on the end of it
Gratis breipatroon: SJAAL - Freubelweb
a woman wearing a gray sweater with a shawl over her shoulders and back to the camera
Stockinette Stitch & FREE Wrap Pattern for Beginners
a woman holding up a blue and green shawl
Mermaid Wrap / DROPS 203-15 - Gratis breipatronen van DROPS Design
a white knitted sweater hanging on a hanger
Omslagdoek af