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How to Be Cool: 5 Research-Backed Tips

the james dean look. a well dressed man with sexy hair and sexy glasses.

Danny Devito by Austin Hargrave // close, wide & full of genuine emotion - always a good combo

American actor Danny DeVito began his rise to fame on the TV show Taxi. Since then, he's starred in feature films such as Twins and Ruthless People, and on the popular show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Psycho (1960) @Candace Renee Renee Fowler @Chelsie Hudson @Lara Elliott Elliott F.  @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Wilson  @Carol Van De Maele Campbell Hunt @Hollie Harker

Anthony Perkins in Psycho Renee Renee Fowler Hudson Elliott Elliott F.

Credit: Mark Seliger/ Beetles + Huxley  Keith Richards, New York City, 2011Shot for GQ UK magazine

Mark Seliger's greatest portraits - in pictures

Keith Richards, New York, 2011 (Photo by Mark Seliger)

Senior pictures ideas for country guys - Google Search

Now he just needs a real cowboy hat!

Alfred Hitchcock on the set of Frenzy (1972) holding a mold of his own head

Alfred Hitchcock 1972 on the set of Frenzy

“Although I am a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has prevented me from feelings of isolation.” —Albert Einstein --- From “My Credo” 1932. AEA 28–218

Rare and Iconic Photos of Albert Einstein Celebrate His Nobel Win 90 Years Ago

Laurel & Hardy

el gordo y el flaco oliver hardy y stan laurel

Robin McLaurin Williams (born July 21, 1951) is an American actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian.

Robin Williams To Raise Funds for ARF at Stars to the Rescue XXII

Robin McLaurin Williams (born July 1951 - died August 11 American actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian


C'est vendredi, c'est le Bordel #240

001 hot illustrations pancho vasquez Hot Illustrations by Pancho Vasquez

Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn

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losetheboyfriend: “ John Malkovitch; captured by Paolo Pellegrin (2010) ”

John Gavin Malkovich, 2010 by Paolo Pellegrin - John Malkovich is an American actor, director, producer, & fashion designer who has appeared in more than 70 motion pictures

Jerry Springer caricatures | Jerry Springer Caricature by MadPoint25

Jerry Springer Caricature by

Nelson Mandela

Rest in peace. Via (red): "We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.

Robert DeNiro

Robert DeNiro

Google Image Result for http://www.deviantart.com/download/329402822/charlie_chaplin_quote_tattoo_by_joeyhawk11-d5g48ue.png

"A day without laughter is a day wasted" -Charlie Chaplin Copyright Francisco Joel Hernandez 2012