Lilianne Debauche

Lilianne Debauche

Lilianne Debauche
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42 Terrific Terrariums That Will Make You Wish You Were Two Inches Tall

Achieve inner piece from the comfort of home with the ancient Buddha Zen garden terrarium. This Buddha sits in the middle of a peaceful garden overrun by growing vegetation that together creates a tranquil setting for you to meditate in front of.


Chakras (literally ‘wheels’ in Sanskrit) are spinning energy centers or vortices of the body according to Yogic, Tantric and Buddhist philosophy. They symbolize the infinite rotation of energy. Chakras are a part of the subtle body and cannot be physicall

Carl Jung

At times I feel as if I am spread out over the landscape and inside things, and am myself living in every tree, in the splashing of the waves, in the clouds and the animals that come and go, in the procession of the seasons.