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Why Rose Tyler was fantastic

for all those Rose Tyler haters. Doctor who. Rose and the doctor. Doomsday doctor who.

Funny Alternative Pairings

Funny Alternative Pairings in Dragon Age 2 - Anders X Freedom forever. Merrill and Carver would be so damn cute!

studio ghibli montage

I love all the Studio Ghibli movies! I've got Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, but there are so many more~. Princess Mononoke is next on my to-get list

Dragon age

I know that this has basically been done before (and better) but here is the scene outside of Redcliffe between Alistair and my Cousland Warden. She decides since he's doing the confession thing, i.

DA2 is depressing. So here's Anders with a basket of kittens. #thankyou :3 :)

If those kittens had been in the damn chantry maybe he wouldn't have blown them up, stupid Anders. ~Anders has Kittens by runaire on deviantART