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Funny Alternative Pairings

Funny Alternative Pairings in Dragon Age 2 - I'm sorry but I kinda like Isabela and Fenris together, I might be biased because Anders is my favorite romance so I don't care if Isabela flirts with Fenris but still.<<ISABELA IS MY BABY

Dragon age

I have to romance Alistair every single playthrough. I try for Leliana sometimes but I just can't.

DA2 is depressing. So here's Anders with a basket of kittens. #thankyou :3 :)

If those kittens had been in the damn chantry maybe he wouldn't have blown them up, stupid Anders. ~Anders has Kittens by runaire on deviantART

Doctor who the show of many references

Whovians sprinkle a little bit of everything in our fandom <-- This is why I wanted Rupert Grint as the Doctor. There would be so many great Harry Potter references!