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Exo Chanyeol Sehun

“just sehun being himself ”

#CHANYEOL ù pa cover GASHINA nè cute quớ

#CHANYEOL ù pa cover GASHINA nè cute quớ

I know I've pinned this, but, I don't care. It's pure entertainment for me every time. xD You do you, Taemin.

"Taemin I love the lack of reaction from the other two, implying it's a routine occurrence." I think it is a routine occurrencen.

There is nothing to say. He has the boldness not to bend his back with the rest hahahahahahahah

when taemin wouldn't bow and his hyung's had to force him xD what a cutie pie. Just look at that big ass smile, he is so pleased with himself ^^

sleepless rainy night

it's all good, alright, no lie