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a person's hand with five different colored rings on it
11 Aesthetic Clay Rings You Can Buy on Etsy - Days Inspired
a woman's hand with an orange fox ring on it
someone is holding up their fingers decorated with magnets and other things to decorate on them
an egg with a face painted on it
two ceramic pig shaped dishes sitting on top of a white sheet
Sisters🍌🥛🍓 Cow clay trinket dish
a person's hand with three rings in the shape of pigs and giraffes
a person's hand with many rings on it and some toys in the middle
Clay rings
three panda bear plates sitting on top of a wooden table
Escandalosos arcilla 🐻
a yellow bird shaped object sitting on top of a white sheet
a person's hand with several rings on it, including an animal and heart
not my pic ♥