Banana Language. Minions

35 Funny Minion Wallpaper <<< why does it look like they're flirting with each other or something? That or one of them farted, my money is on the minion

It seems like packaging design should be fairly simple, but there seem to be quite a few people in the business who don't seem to get the basics. This list of packaging and labeling fails illustrates the importance of the phrase “measure twice, cut once.

Timing Is Everything

Perfect timing, as this cat attempts to sit on top of a flatscreen tv, when ice skating ⛸ is on ( cats much preferred old style wide tv's as they heated up and had a wide shelf to chill on !

My side is actually a little smaller than this. Picture enough space at the top of that thin black stripe to assume the fetal position. hehehe

Dog Side VS Your Side in Bed. If you sleep with your dog(s), is that how it works in your bed? This is definitely how it is in my bed!

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Nem minden Szőke marad  Ökör csak  Néhány lesz Kit leköpök

Nem minden Szőke marad Ökör csak Néhány lesz Kit leköpök

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