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Jimin is such a mesmerising dancer. They way his movements can be as powerful as they are delicate, and as sharp as they are graceful, is just mind-blowing. They say “dancers are the athletes of God”, well Park Jimin is the living proof.

I Like That in a Man — jminies: Jins body ✾

sarangtaee: “ jminies: ““Jins body ✾ ” ” this must be one of your favorites.

Onde jimin gosta de provocar o namorado de sua irmã, jungkook. #3… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

The sexiest gif of Taehyung's hands I have ever seen. Never again can I be fully convinced that he is a pure smol ball, not with that gaze in his eyes.

#wattpad #fanfiction |RANDOM UPDATE|       You will now enter a weird world of Bangtan replying to your texts.       It has jams i promise ("^_^)   06/08/17: #28 in Fanfiction

Request: BTS teasin you while you talk with friends/family Genre: smut Warning: explicit content, daddy issue A/N: I’ve done the reverse one :) - Li Jin It was just when the food got ready that your.