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What duck are you? Comments 👇
an image of many cartoon characters with words that say, why do you know what they are
algebralien styled object show characters my beloved...(never let me use ibis paint again)
i am in TEARS this took longer than id like to admit (this is pointless but object shows in this image : bfdi, tmos, tdos, cfmot, bflh, animatic battle, orb, itft, thanos, hsgtos, ttos, object kerfuffle, help hotline)
two people in the dark one is touching the other's head with her hand
Тарталья Нёвиллет Quick
Не суетись в зале суда
Тарталья каким то стрёмным вышел
a cartoon character with an egg on his head and the number one in front of him
a cartoon green object with two black arrows sticking out of it's back end
Gelatin Bfb
an anime character with purple hair and blue eyes standing in front of a snow background
Qiqi fanmade skin