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over the sofa portion of the deck - shade sails
Custom Shade Sails Sample Layouts
DIY tutorial: Sew a Canvas & Suede Yoga Bag via
Structure Before you start creating your presentation boards, take a moment to organise your work. What are you trying to convey? What drawings / images to you have to show as part of your criteria? What are your key elements in design that you would like to portray. Collect together the information - even list out all the images to be included and what text you would like to put it, then you can start planning the structure of your boards. This will really help you visualise what…
Galería - Terminal de Ferry / Marge Arkitekter - 15
Café Negro: la nueva cafetería de Coyoacán
Urban Villa London by Grzywinski+Pons - an aparthotel
At Opso in London the Greek architects used Kavala marble as table top. Petite Passport.