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an abstract painting with blue paint on it
David Hockney’s new exhibition at Salt’s Mill
David Hockney, Rain
a man sitting in a chair next to a wall with paintings on it
16 Brilliant Artists And Their Animal Muses
David Hockney from http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/16-brilliant-artists-and-their-animal-muses#
SÉRIE MODE : DAVID HOCKNEY’S POOL David Hockney Pool, Foto Kids, Tableaux Vivants, Milk Magazine, Jasper Johns, Photography Beach, Foto Vintage
Série mode : David Hockney's Pool - Milk Magazine
a green bed in a room with a chalkboard on the wall behind it that says he had that curious love of green
David Hockney
David Hockney, Bedroom, 1966 pencil and colored crayon on paper, 14 x 17 in.
a painting of a tree in front of a building with the word arbois on it
Dark Silence In Suburbia
David Hockney
an image of a pool with lawn chairs and trees in the background, on instagram
David Hockney at the pool in LA. Architectural Digest 1983
a painting of some buildings and trees in front of the building with blue roof tops
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David Hockney_24
an abstract painting with blue and green colors on the walls, including stairs leading up to water
"Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool" by David Hockney
a painting of a dirt road with trees in the background
Avviso di reindirizzamento
david-hockney Saw his exhibition in Koln, Germany. Really impressive and inspiring.
a person is floating in the water on a surfboard
David Hockney - a master of the art of painting water.
a painting of a house in the water with a wave coming out of it's pool
Dr. Midnight Presents...
David Hockney http://medverf.blogspot.nl/
a painting of a mountain valley with a river running through it and mountains in the background
fuckyeahdavidhockney: The Valley, Stalheim 2002
a painting of a pool with palm trees in the background
Dive In: David Hockney's Pool Paintings Capture The Best Of SoCal Modernism
David Hockney Pool & Steps
a painting of a man swimming in a pool next to a white house with balconies
Portrait of Nick Wilder, 1966. Enquanto estava na faculdade, Hockney conheceu RB Kitaj, Peter Philips e Patrick Caulfield e tornou-se um dos fundadores membros do movimento Pop Art britânica.
a painting of a man standing next to a swimming pool
WebMuseum: Hockney, David
Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) 1971 (110 Kb); Acrylic on canvas, 214 x 304.8 cm (84 x 120 in); Collection David Geffen