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an open box with several necklaces in it and the lid opened to show some papers
Lovely clean way to store & show jewerly.
the grand opening event poster for an upcoming fashion show, featuring clothes on hangers
Copy of Grand Opening Flyer Template
Regal vintage event grand opening flyer/poster/banner template.
an image of a room with plants and clothes hanging on the rack, next to a pink chair
Este Day Spa em Moscovo!
Blanco Interiores: Este Day Spa em Moscovo!
a store with mannequins in front of the counter and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
We'd like to show one of our latest projects we've been working on. We were responsible to prepare an interior design and visualizations for the upcoming boutique with women's clothing and leatherware. Our clue was to prepare a space which will be sophisticated in a subtle way and comfortable for customers. We hope you'll like it! #vizart #jerzygalus #interior #visualization #3dsmax #photoshop #coronarenderer #boutique #retail #fashion #terrazzo
a room with a chair, book shelf and bookshelf on the wall next to it
Youth Jewelry Salon in London.
Youth Jewelry Salon in London. on Behance
clothes are hanging on racks in a clothing store
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Boutique Displays with light bulbs 03
there are many lights on the wall in this room
Goed idee, boxjes aan de muur om artikelen aan op te hangen of op neer te zetten.
two people standing next to a white wall covered in necklaces
The installation by Stockholm-based jewelry collective A5, Adam Grinovich, Romina Fuentes, and Annika Pettersson. Velvet da Vinci
a wall covered in lots of different types of necklaces
100+ Creative Jewelry Visual Merchandising Ideas | Zen Merchandiser
100+ Jewelry Visual Merchandising Ideas & Techniques | Zen Merchandiser
there are many necklaces hanging on the wall and in front of it is a sign that says sakio
A beautiful wall of hanging colorful scarf-laces!
three different views of the front and back of a vase with chains attached to it
Hand-made display stands for necklace
DIY || Handmade display stand for necklaces | ©KotomiCreations. || Click through and you will find other options as well :-) including the templates and how to
a rack with bracelets and rings hanging from it's sides in a bathroom
Cet article n'est pas disponible | Etsy
Dimensions : L’empreinte de la base : 8 x 3,5 pouces Barres sont 3, 6 et 9 pouces de hauteur. Chaque barre est de 6 pouces à travers, vous donnant 18 pouces d’espace de support. (3) détenteurs de bague un pouce {{Couleur sur la photo est Caramel moka, puis brillant bleu}} Il est fait de bois massif, donc il peut y avoir des légères imperfections dans le support. Chaque pièce est un peu unique. Cette conception mais avez besoin de plus d’espace ? Ma nouvelle liste est le même que cela mais p...