Knock the Balls Down Nerf Target Game - Super boredom buster, and a fun party idea too.

Knock the Balls Down Nerf Target Game

Camping Games - Knock the Balls Down Nerf Target Game - Super boredom buster, and a fun party idea too.

Customize your own picture frame using Hot Wheels cars with this simple arts and crafts project. Find easy-to-follow instructions here.

What a terrific idea for a boys room or family room! You could use "Hot Wheels", miniature motorcycles, mini soccer balls, seashells, the possibilities are endless.

How to make a dream catcher for kids on! A simple crafts for kids that is fun and easy to do.

dream catcher 1 for the younger kiddos, while the bigger kiddos do the more complicated ones.

Lego party -

Lego utensil holder (with Lego brownies in the background) for a Lego-themed party. I don't know which I like more the lego utensil holder or the lego brownies in the background!

DIY cloud wall hanging with fairy lights.


Wall light cloud DIY cloud wall hanging with fairy lights.

Découvrez 18 manières de préparer un sandwich.Des idées de sandwichs originaux, des sandwichs représentants n’importe quel objet ou animal.

Nice ideas to make your kid's lunch a highlight of the day / Schöne Ideen, wie…

Great way to get them playing outdoors! The road is cement which has been painted black.

Build a backyard race car track for the kids.

ADOREABLE DIY CHORE CHART for KIDS: Basically each chore magnet contains a chore that needs to be done once a week by each child. Once done, it can be moved to the “done” section. Larger sized magnets are for big jobs like cleaning the playroom or sorting out games and small toys. List of possible chores: -SHOES & COATS -BOOKS -DUST -LAUNDRY -MAKE BED -CLEAN ROOM -CLEAN PLAYROOM -CLEAN LIVING ROOM -GARBAGE -ORGANIZE TOYS/GAMES

This is super cute but the article with it is even better. We've been looking for something like this for the kids' chores and I'll be doing this one for sure! Make Cleaning Fun For Kids With A Simple DIY Chore Chart

Lego Party bags.

Cute favor for a toddler birthday party Lego Birthday Party and ideas lego party Cowboy party favors Lego party favor bags

lego themed party door decor

This LEGO party door sign proudly displays the birthday kid's age.

Job chart. @Jana Ford-Douglas, I really like this one. I'm thinking about using a cookie sheet as the magnetic part. I already have some square wooden pieces (actually I have a HUGE bag of various wood shapes). I was also considering color coding the chore magnets, one color for weekly and another for daily.

Chore Chart made with wood, metal, and magnets. The pictures are perfect for little ones who don't read. Also great inspiration for a visual schedule for the day.

Everyone draws themselves as a lego figure.

Free Lego Mini Fig Printable from Pow! Create your own minifig from this "generic" blank LEGO printable!

Uitleg: kurken verf en papier. Inhoud: stempelen met kurken op een blad met verf, je kan er verschillende tekeningen mee maken.

Potato stamps make a beautiful fall leaf painting project.

Pokemon Pikachu birthday cake.  All made with Cake Couture Fondant.

If you are a Pokemon lovers, making a Pikachu birthday cake ideas is a must. Here are some Pikachu birthday cake ideas that you might love

jablka ve sklenici - na stránkách je hodně dalších zajímavých nápadů na tvorbu

cool, easy and kids gonna learn something for sure