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a mermaid with her arms up in the air and text that reads i love mermaids giveaway
Looking for part two of Shearwater?
I love mermaids! (And mermaid romance novels...)
a painting of a mermaid sitting in a bowl
a painting of a dragon sitting on top of a rock
Zodiac Dragon . Libra by The-SixthLeafClover on DeviantArt
Zodiac Dragon . Libra by =The-SixthLeafClover on deviantART
a golden dragon statue sitting on top of a piece of paper with fire coming out of it
Iphone wallpaper – Iphone wallpaper hd 4k
eastern dragon
a woman holding a harp in front of a dragon
♡ dragon love
Anne Stokes : Art Gallery (www.annestokes.com) Love her fantasy art. She has such cool dragons! Draw, Animation, Digital Art, Wattpad, Resim, Ilustrasi, Beautiful, Kunst
Anne Stokes Official Site - Gothic & Fantasy Art
Anne Stokes : Art Gallery (www.annestokes.com) Love her fantasy art. She has such cool dragons!
Prancing Pan Mythology, Art, Satyr, Mystic, Faun, Sanat, Engel
Prancing Pan
a mermaid and a man in the water with green algaes on their back legs
Love all the gorgeous mermaid, fairy, goddess art. It's all so beautiful!
Dragon and child Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Artwork, Fantasy World
Dragon and child
a painting of a man with long green hair walking in the woods next to a wolf
Leshy, Lesovik, Leshie, Leshiye, Lieschi, Lesiy | They were here and might return
The Leshy is a male woodland spirit in Slavic folklore who protects wild animals and forests. However, Leshies are tricksters. If a Leshy kidnaps someone, that person returns home with a vague manner, feeling disoriented, and often covered in moss. The Leshy seems to have a close bond with the wolf and has been known to keep the company of bears...
a black and white drawing of a skeleton sitting on a pile of skulls
baba yaga
ppc: "The ancient Baba Yaga is the wild old crone guardian of the Water of Life and Death. Goddess of Death and Birth who sings while sprinkling Water of Life on corpses the to let them be reborn. Although fearsome to look upon, like all forces of nature, often wild and untamed, she can also be kind. All knowing, all-seeing and all-revealing to those who'd dare to ask. She is the Arch-Crone, wild and free, a nature spirit bringing wisdom and death of ego, and through death, rebirth."
an animal is flying through the air in front of some trees and grass with fireflies on it
Understanding the Fylgjur of Norse Mythology
Fylgjur (plural of Fylgja) are described as supernatural guardian spirits, bound to a family line, said to accompany a person throughout life. Like many concepts in Norse mythology, the Fylgja is sometimes hard to comprehend or explain.
two wolfs fighting over a giant ball in the middle of a painting with other animals
Exileden User Profile | DeviantArt
~PearlEden, "Ragnarok I" (Skoll chasing the sun, Hati chasing the moon, and Fenrir in the center)
a black and white photo with the words 6 dragones written in gothic writing on it
Book Of Shadows Pages
The gargoyles in The Beautiful & the Cursed have slightly different rules, but the essence is the same. Love gargoyles!