Anime picture with axis powers hetalia studio deen prussia (hetalia) hungary (hetalia) guriko long hair tall image short hair blue eyes red eyes brown hair smile bare shoulders hair flower face to face girl dress male flower (flowers) white dress

Lovino and Feliciano growing up - Art by つまこ - I love how in the third panel North Italy is all badass and then compare that to the last panel XD (yeah but not into itacest)

Day Favourite Character: Yes, it´s France. I don´t know what is it about him, but I just love him!

I’m sorry for editing you out france I love you First edit? Its so bad omfg

I acually watch a video on this it's acual pretty amazing i think it's called hetalia holic see it if anyone who sees this gets a chance. << Anti the Holic

Oh boy. *~* [Kise Ryouta / Kuroko no Basuke / Anime Guy / Hipster]

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