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a drawing of a woman hugging a man
Surprisingly Realistic: 27 Charcoal Drawings By This Artist
a t - shirt with an image of a woman in a dress playing the piano
a watercolor painting of an old piano with music notes on it
Limited Edition Abstract musical watercolor art - Piano keys, old sheet music, musical home decor, hymnal art, hymnal, music notes, wall art
"This is a fine art glicee print made from my original watercolor painting. the notes and piano keys are placed over old sheet music of the classes hymn, \"It is well with me soul\". Color Theme: The sheet music is a mix of orange brown and yellow. The Music notes and piano keys have blue, orange and purple in the undertones. Sorry, original is no longer available! This is a limited edition print, meaning there will only be 25 prints made of this painting before it is retired. Print will come