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Kitsune 狐 sMany of these more modern Japanese masks have charming features and brilliant characterisation but wouldn't stand-up on stage.

Kitsune fox, an animal that is an element of particular importance in Japanese folklore, in fact is used to name a classical spirit whose function is to protect forests and villages

Priest of the Meiji era.

Lantern-slide image of Hieizan Enryakuji temple at Mount Hiei, Kyoto, ca. attributed to Kozaburo Tamura and published by T. Takagi of Kobe, Japan. The color in the image was added later and may not be accurate.

Jūnihitoe, antique kimono, the so called twelve-layer robe from the Heian era, Japan.

Junihitoe is a kind of formal kimono developed in Heian era. I fall in love with it since the first time i see it from manga(for example Genji Monogatar. Hime in Junihitoe

伏見稲荷大社 Torii gates in winter's snow

The Torii gates of Japan seems to be very simple but has geometric shapes and figures and has symmetry.