Easy but very cool project on a wonderful blog called "TeachKidsArt". A different spin on a Valentine's Day art project with 3-D results.

Super easy for kids of all ages to do. Trace your hand, draw a heart. Straight lines across to the edge of the hand and heart. Curved lines from edge to edge inside the heart and hand.

Age 3-4. M.6.10 Put things in order. M.6.18 Give reason of placement of objects. M.4.25 Complete interlocking puzzle of 8-12 pieces. M.1.10 Touch in sequence, one at a time.

Discover thousands of images about Age Put things in order. Give reason of placement of objects. Complete interlocking puzzle of pieces. Touch in sequence, one at a time.

Hanging bats | 25+ Halloween crafts for kids

25+ Halloween crafts for kids

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Playful Pup Newspaper Art | A fun dog craft for kids using recycled materials, including newspaper and magazines. With a free template included, this is a must activity for any paw patrol fans who fancy creating their own playful pup!

Playful Pup Newspaper Art Project

Using recycled materials and free template, kids will love our Playful Pup Newspaper Art Project. Create different poses and designs, to add personality to your playful pups!

Письмо «Мы нашли новые Пины для вашей доски «Игрушки, поделки для детей».» —…

my kids love hedgehogs [PAPER PLATE to HEDGEHOG use with Jan Brett Troll stories great fine motor - scissor practice]