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This black cat that wanted to find out what that big red dot was.

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How to make chocolate roses (includes recipe for home-made modeling chocolate)

Wonderfully detailed dark chocolate roses (with how to instruction) that are fabulous for everything from cupcakes to fancy ice cream sundaes. colored for J's cake for day of the dead

chocolate cake | Cake Decorating: Chocolate Kahlua Cake Truffle Cake

Chocolate Kahlua cake with alternating layers of whipped ganache filling and Bailey's Swiss buttercream. Covered in cake truffles! Cake truffles are Chocolate Amaretto cake with Kahlua Swiss buttercream. Shared by Where YoUth Rise.

And Stretch !! #kittens #cats

Thing is I was semi planning that. But it depends what the situation is at the time. Aswell as if I can get work and stuff there. But basically yes