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an image of santa claus in a blue box
Brands Make Prankvertising Positive
Brands Take Prankvertising Positive | Adweek
two women laughing and holding cell phones with the caption best shift ever waitress receives life - changing tips
Prank it FWD
Break Presents Prank it FWD
a man and woman standing in front of a door
The TV Commercial Ad titled The power of a smile was done by Enormous Film advertising agency for product: Oral-b Electric Toothbrush (brand: Oral-b) in Ital...
an overhead view of people walking across a crosswalk with the words colgate on it
colgate ad - Google Search
colgate ad - Google Search Teething, Primary School, School, Student
colgate ad - Google Search
a woman holding a toothbrush in her mouth and looking at the camera while smiling
colgate ad - Google Search
an advertisement for colgate's slim soft toothpaste, with the caption there's something in your tweet
colgate ad - Google Search
an amusement park ride with large teeth on it's side and people riding the roller coaster
colgate ad - Google Search
the girl is holding a lollipop in her hand
colgate ad - Google Search
a man is holding up colored pencils to his mouth and looking upward at the camera
colgate ad - Google Search
electric toothbrush advertise - Google Search Tools, Power, Brushing Teeth
electric toothbrush advertise - Google Search
toothbrush advertisement - Google Search Graphic Design, Dentistry, Supersmile, Tooth Enamel, Type
toothbrush advertisement - Google Search