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Prime Number Patterns by Jason Davies  swimming snake

“Prime Numbers in Nature” It has always been a curiosity and delight when elements of nature, like a snake winding along its path, leaves a trail of rippling and intersecting circles that speaks the.

As the most significant of all the symbols in sacred geometry, the Flower of Life is encoded with the blue-print for all creation; containing within it the proportions of every single aspect of life there is. Four yantra banner includes the symbols: flower of life, metatrons cube, sahashara and sri yantra.

4 Yantras: the Flower of Life (all triangles), Metatron's cube (hexagrams and cubes), the Sahashara (?), and the Sri Yantra (hexagrams aplenty).

Sri Chakra notes / Sacred Geometry <3

Sri Meta Higher Self and Over Soul;Self Calibration Meta (Greek origins) can have several meanings, such as: after;self and if we add another “t” in Metta, it.