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an embroidered bag with flowers and leaves on the front, in multicolored colors
Hungarian Embroidery fragment
Hungarian embroidery fragment - photo by Gillian Travis (flickr)
a close up of a blue cloth with flowers and birds on it's side
vintage crewel | I love all the different stitches that were… | Odile Gova
an old piece of cloth that has been stitched together
~ Slow Sunday Stitching ~
a piece of fabric with buttons and thread on it that has been stitched together
Mixed media stitched embroidery and textile collage
“Jimson Weed” -30.11.2023 .. #slowstitch #therapystitching #embroiderycollage #naturaldye #textilecollage #vintagebuttons #dyetextures #jimsonweed #drawingwiththread #folkart #textileart #fabriccollage
someone is stitching together fabric on a table with other sewing supplies in the background
The 100 Day Project - 2017
an abstract painting with red flowers and green leaves on it's surface, in the middle
Rose and Turquoise (Medium)
Rose and Turquoise (Medium)
a close up view of an area rug with different colors
Masterpiece No. 39 Kantha Quilt
Our intricate, Northern-style kantha blankets are a living piece of artwork, crafted from repurposed saris in a village in Bangladesh. It is stitched in a traditional style of kantha for northern Bengal — dense stitching with thicker thread — with designs more elaborate in addition to the straight, running stitch. Blankets vary in size and thickness. As is typical in rustic kantha, these blankets are 2 - 4 layers of cloth. Details on this particular blanket below. Handcrafted by women in a villa