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marielikestodraw: “ Was working on some Glamlock, and I accidentally BAMF!John, because of THAT picture and AbundantlyQueer geeking out about it :D Unfinished speed-paint, I picked the colors from the original picture with the eyedropper (lazy, I.

the-bantersaurus: robotcosmonaut: Military Phonetic Alphabet via itinerantdispatches brb memorizing my dad always uses this on the phone and stuff haha perks of being a policeman’s daughter I had to learn this for work!

Sherlock Special

Sherlock special, The Abominable Bride. How John sees Sherlock.<<< And John is just like "no you dummy! That is just as smart as you are!

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (I have to say, the perfume reference was a nice touch.

"The Abominable Bride" - Holmes and Watson. I have to say, the perfume reference was a nice touch.

A Scandal In Belgravia

Here are so many beautiful elements to this photo. The shirt, blazer, the neck! Oh mah gah, the curly locks of hair and the fabulous face!

A bright, sunny Cumbersmile to brighten up a dreary week! #benedictcumberbatch #smile #cumbersmile #sherlock #doctorstrange #beautiful #bright #tbt

Benedict Cumberbatch Photographed by Alex John Beck . Aww that spectacular and unique smile .


edit anthology 244 (benedict’s otherworldly beauty)