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http://www.revelist.com/makeup/realistic-mermaid-makeup/7926/With her special FX tools, Channing created these hyperrealistic mermaid scales./1/#/1

Channing Carlisle, a makeup artist from the US, uses some clever makeup tricks to create shiny fish scales on her leg. The image went viral with people liking the post.

When it comes to Halloween makeup, the general idea is the more elaborate, the better. Scroll through the “Halloween makeup” tag/search on Pinterest or Instagram, and you’ll come across thousands of photos of meticulous, beautiful makeup photos that make you itch to try them on your own. The only problem? That kind of detailed makeup … Read More

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Ouija Board Makeup Ideas - Halloween Costume Trends 2016

It takes some major skill to successfully craft a realistic third eye, so we give this makeup from ssssamanthaa some major props for starting our Illuminati conspiracy thoughts again.