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Karácsonyi toboz díszek (SamySeven) -

Karácsonyi toboz díszek (SamySeven) -

Deep Winter - color analysis

I thought to be a Winter you'd need to have very cool and ashy tones, but Deep Winter is actually both warm and cool tones; I'm back to uncertain between deep winter and deep autumn :) a few colors that overlap? Black, Chinese Blue, and Emerald Green

INFOGRAPHIC: HEADING TO A WEDDING? Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter Color Analysis (I'm a deep winter)

Warm Autumn I believe or clear spring. Choosing the right colour clothes is difficult. Help is at hand, with this outfit colour planner that matches colours to your eyes, hair and skin tone

Deep Winter Soft palette, created by Cautiouskitty on Livejournal. Deep Winter Soft is a Deep Winter palette with a little gray added for those who just don't fit into Soft Summer (Deep) or Dark Winter alone. This new season combines the two.

Deep Winter Soft By Cautiouskitty. I can wear some of these colors though I'm almost certainly not a winter - maybe a Soft Summer Deep leaning into Soft Winter (as a Type