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Covalent Bonding for Kids - why do some atoms form covalent bonds? Why are covalent bonds so strong?

Water Molecule schematic, showing full electron shell with charge distribution! :D More notables to check out: Octet Rule & Electron Orbitals.

Electrochemistry. The basis behind a battery: anode and cathode separated by fluid. #battery #physics #electrochemistry

The Electrolysis of Water Applying an external potential of about V to two inert electrodes immersed in an aqueous solution of an electrolyte.

Chemistry of Water Tumbler Glass

Each Chemistry of Water Glass is carefully crafted to ensure your water retains all its essential oxygen with twice as much hydrogen. At last – water glasses to match your lab glasses.

Fuck Yeah Sexy Cars!

All White BMW. That's the dream car for Prom I truly adore the simple things.


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