This is the perfect place to put a pull out bed! I always look at those beds and thing they're impractical because it's too hard to leave all of the open floorspace needed for one but I'd happily do it for this library/reading space.

This is so close to what i envision my future reading nooks! Just a little twist to make the lying down space enough for 2 ppl and some more built-in book shelf would be perfect .


Amazing built-in shelving for books and big windows and natural light make this an amazing space as a library, reading nook, or living room.

between the pages.

The Reader "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl / Photo by Rosie Hardy - a self portrait from the 365 Days Collection -

“Buying a book is not about obtaining a possession, but about securing a portal.” ― Laura Mille

Literary Portal, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia photo via gerrie Books do offer a view on the world. An interior oculus.

I hope some day that I have a room in my house that looks like this. Madrid 2008 - Librería by 4lexandre, via Flickr

z- Bookstore- Madrid, Spain {During the 'Dark, Middle Ages' there were more bookstores in Moslem Spain than there were individual books in the rest of Europe- excluding the Vatican}

A tree library in Berlin Germany. @designerwallace

Tree Library, Berlin, Germany photo via jrachelle ok. love this idea but could you imagine if you could make bookshelves in the tree then have them lined up against a wall in a house! I would love that.