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Molnár László
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Carl Zeiss Super-Q-Gigantar 40mm f/0.33: The Fastest Lens Ever Made?

If you thought the Zeiss lenses we shared yesterday were impressive, check out this crazy piece of glass: it's the Carl Zeiss Super-Q-Gigantar f

Double Cobra Stitch Paracord Belt : Finishing the End of the Belt

This project can be a bit monotonous but well worth it. Monotonous only because once you get started you are repeating the same knot over and over and over again.

Royal pain to get both the length of the strap and the right number of knots so that when she dropped it (she shoots with her main camera on a cross-torso strap) it would stay on her wrist but not be too tight.

What do I do with this paracord stuff?