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the instructions for making a sugary cupcake
sugar to honey comparison chart with instructions for how to use it and how to use it
EXACT CONVERSION CHART: Sugar —> to Honey When Baking!
how to swap yogurt in your recipes info graphic with instructions on how to use yogurt
Cooking With Yogurt – How To Substitute Greek Yogurt In Recipes
a table with numbers and instructions to make cupcakes
Stick of butter conversion
a person holding a spoon with jam on it
Rich and Sweet Elderberry Jelly Recipe
Sweet Elderberry Jelly recipe - ingredients: elderberries, lemon juice, sugar, pectin. Makes an excellent preserve that can be served in both sweet and savory dishes. Or just on toast if you prefer!
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elderberry syrup in a glass bottle next to berries
Easy Shelf Stable Elderberry Syrup
If you hesitate to make elderberry syrup, because it won't be shelf stable, try this recipe. It is made in two parts, and combined to make shelf stable elderberry syrup that doesn't need to be canned or refrigerated for storage. Store in bottles, or jars, for winter cold and flu season.
some red berries are in a black bowl on a wooden table next to two bottles of juice
Redcurrant cordial - Nordic Diner
Redcurrant cordial
raspberry cheesecake chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and cherries
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes Recipe with Filling - Inside BruCrew Life
25 Captivating Cupcake Recipes: Sweet Treats - Joy Pea Health