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Charity posts innocent pic of a little black girl with horse not anticipating flood of racist commen

They deleted every negative comment they received.

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35 Times Animals Were Just Being Themselves But Had Us Buckled Over Laughing As A Result

This is why we love animals.

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50 posts that prove humans aren't the smartest species around

Is social media making us dumb?

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Here's what dogs are saying when they cuddle you (Plus 74 other reasons behind what they do)

Ever wondered what your dog is really thinking?

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75 boyfriends and husbands raising the bar way too high for other men

These boyfriends and husbands are making everyone else out there look bad! Here's a little tip for you: use them as inspiration!

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60 times hotels went the extra mile to make guests stay the best stay ever

These hotels know how to treat their guests.

Funny Women Braiding Hair Into Beards

Their expressions are just as funny too.

50 of the best decade transformations

Check out these 50 decade transformations

60 Brides who look like they could really use a hug

It's ok if your wedding day isn't always the greatest day of your life.

30 fictional characters inspired by real-life people

The best fiction in life has its roots in someone's reality and we're here to prove it with 25+ fictional characters who were actually based on real people!

70 Times people got stuck in ridiculously random places

Need a little help?

60 people whose Instagram photos are so fake we can't help but laugh

We all want to look out best. However, there is a point at which people go too far with filters and Photoshop. These 60 have gone way past that point.

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10 mistakes most everyone makes using the slow cooker

Slow cooker meals! They're both easy and delicious. But unless you're an expert, you probably make mistakes. Here's the top mistakes to look out for!

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45 fashion trends that died over the years but give us a good hearty laugh today

Only the bravest among us can pull these off today. I'm going to see if my friends will bring back the leggin

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30 Brilliant Designers Who Know How To Do The Job Just Right

Why hasn't anyone thought of these sooner?

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75 mischievous moms with a fantastic sense of humor

These moms know how to find fun in life.