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a painting of a red field with people in the distance and a castle in the background
Red spider lilies in a beautiful sunset
#spiderlillies I literally could not find this photo for the death of me so I could send a link to my friend
an old photo of a woman sitting in a chair with her hair down and wearing a dress
an oil painting of a tea pot and some cherries
a painting of two birds perched on a tree branch in the forest with flowers and leaves
Does anyone know anything about this painting or artist? It’s signed c.lewis which I think is Chen Tai Yu
three women standing in front of a clock and an ornate mirror with stained glass windows
an oil painting of red flowers in a vase on a table next to a potted plant
a painting of pink roses in a blue vase
a painting of yellow roses in a vase on a table
a painting of some pink roses in a black vase
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Pat Fiorello
a painting of sunflowers in a blue vase
Heather Martin