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Fandom: Tolkien.  Thorin and Bilbo by Kade

dog the hobbit corgi labrador retriever bilbo baggins fili kili siberian husky golden retriever Thorin kadeart wannabe majestic Kili durins Dwarf dog of Erebor Thorin Oakensheild

The Oakenshields as animals. Poor Kili.

"Thorin, the majestic wolf. Fili, the proud lion, and Kili.happy puppy aka Moon Moon but not stupid." Yup, that about sums it up.

Soul eater Crona,  was offered a part in the matrix, but turned it down because he didn't know how to deal with it.

A cool partner cosplay would be Crona and Ragnarok costumes. Like you could have a smaller friend ride on "Crona's" back and make a bunch of witty comments about everything.

Cosplaying at its finest right here, ladies and gentlemen :3 < I'm just to keep this in my hobbit hole, i can look at it every night

Sherlocking - a pensive thinking pose in a strange location that challenges gravity. A long coat adds to the effect. Can we make Sherlocking a thing? It's only slightly less stupid than planking, but I think we're onto something. <---- Yes!

Hobbit: Kili by BJey04 on deviantart

Cosplay: myself as Kili [Hobbit] with Photo // Editing: myself Selfie from my Kili Cosplay - First time wearing it right before the convention and .