Textile cable lamp + Cherry hook

Textile cable lamp + Cherry Hook (in-line switch)

Textile cable lamp + Cherry Hook

Textile cable lamp + Cherry Hook (in-line switch)

customise your own textile cable lamp | lokolo

delivery custom length available in min. length by special order see textile cable colour chart here

Tilt lamp-BLACK

tilt lamp by lokolo

Textile cable lamp with on/off switch on bulb holder

Textile cable lamp(on/off switch lampholder)

Kabel King Kong

You may have a light fixture or a hanging bulb at home but the King Kong Kabel is about making this decoration more beautiful and eye-catching.

NeW GLoBe LED | lokolo

Edison bulb) colour temperature: life span: hours (use 4 hours/day, life span approx.

Invisible hook-S

Invisible Hook S

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