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Editor: @/170ek on Twitter Original: I think it's from the aot game but I'm not sure

It's an edit, but a good one. It's from the game and where Levi is there is supposed to be the character you are playing.

PLEASE LOOK AT THE REST OF MY GALLERY AS WELL, I'd really appreciate it. This is a sheet of fantasy horn/antler styles on humanoids I did as ref for myself years ago, but I just found it again, and...

fefbutts: “artist-refs: “Fantasy horn ref by Law-of-Murph ” *homestucks furiously reppining this for reference * ”

All the time!!! It actually works!... Sometimes, other times I end up falling on my face.

So True! XD My friend and I started running like that in PE. XD it DOES give a little more speed goin down hill. And when I did it down hill I fell down and rolled

Like and repin if this is you!

Yup I'm fucking Lucifer bitches (XD I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE THAT CAME FROM! Obviously my friends are a bad influence on me. Just kidding they're a wonderful influence)>>>lucifer from tdiapt right