If you’ve ever had any doubt about how cute reptiles can be, let us end those doubts right now. This gang of more than 20 baby chameleons, recently hatched at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, is one of the cutest band of curious explorers that we’ve ever seen.

They Look Like Small Toys, But These Are Just Newly Hatched Baby Chameleons

I see you / Magnus Forsberg (Eye of a Panther chameleon)

'I see you' by Magnus Forsberg. Panther Cameleon - love this - Evolution Reptiles, Oxford.

I love chameleons!

Sorry, reddit. I'm allergic to cats. So here's our new chameleon instead!

Leopard gecko in a sweater

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Cute Baby Chameleons

10+ Chameleon Babies That Will Make You Fall In Love With Lizards

Chameleons present exceptional challenges in what materials you may safely use and the way you design the enclosure. There are several varieties of enclosures available on the market that may be used to house chameleons.

These Baby Chameleons Will Provide Your Daily Dose Of Squee http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/12/baby-chameleons-taronga-zoo_n_6855770.html

These Baby Chameleons Will Provide Your Daily Dose Of Squee

Who knew baby chameleons were so adorable? Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, just w.

La naturaleza, de la que somos parte, tiene la destreza para crear estas maravillas; y nosotros el don de maravillarnos

Photo “lovely dinosaur” by mehmet karaca :) “A chameleon does not leave one tree (or flower) until he is sure of another” ~Arabian Proverb