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Miniatures Fit for Royalty by June Clinkscales
Who says that tiny things can’t be rich in design? From French Rococo pieces to 17th century, Louis XVI style, June Clinkscales' antique-inspired miniatures are fit for a (very tiny) king.
many different pictures and frames are arranged in this collage with the words, country or miniature
CDHM The Miniature Way iMag, Printies, November 2010, Issue 10
FREE FREE FREE mini "printies" from Miniature Magazine in Spanish. These are beautifully colored miniature items you can make into lovely little accessories!
an assortment of papers and pictures are shown in the same pattern as well as other items
Photo Storage
Miniature dollhouse printable
many different types of cards and magnets are displayed on the wall in this collage
Free Mini Vintage Printables by SAburns
the paper house has numbers on it
Le lapin dans la lune - Non dairy Diary
Tiny paper house ornaments to print out and cut.
four different patterns with santa's face on them and the same pattern for each one
dollhouse size gift bags Xmas 1
Dollhouse Printables ★ Christmas Bags & Boxes ★ I like these as Ornaments in the Tree or as cute little Gifts, or even attached to a Gift or Card, .........
an assortment of christmas baubles with different patterns and colors, including red, green, blue, yellow
Free printable Christmas ornaments: baubles - ausdruckbarer Weihnachtsschmuck - freebie
Free printable Christmas ornaments: baubles
scissors, buttons and other crafting supplies on a table
A Passion for Plates
how to make miniature plates
a green plate with pink flowers on it
miniature printable
an open box with roses on it and the inside side is cut out to show the design
mini printable
a red plate with white polka dots on it
miniature printable
an image of plates and vases with flowers on them in blue, green and white
Sèvres Porcelain illustration.
an origami box with the top and bottom section cut out to look like a butterfly
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printable dollhouse hat boxes - j stam - Picasa Web Album
four plates with floral designs on them, all in different colors and sizes are shown
Printable, Porcelain Looking Dollhouse Plates. Miniature.
four plates with different designs on them, one is white and the other has pink flowers
Women's, Kids Bags, Fashion, Gifts
printable paper plates