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ANS ~Autonomic Nervous System ...Another view.

Two main nervous sytems, issues in the sympathetic system can lead too emotional disfunctions and directly to depression Heart Rate Variability (HRV) & Diabetes

Russian Taringa Monroe.

18 Only Girls release: Innocent Blondie Angel.

Natural Remedy for Hair loss with 1 household ingredient

Hair loss affects a huge population of males, and now females. This is a very embarrassing problem for both sexes and can cause depression and social awkwardness. There are ways to combat hair loss…

Amazing Health Benefits Of 20 Fruits And Vegetables ►►

To prevent many diseases like heart disease and cancer,to stay healthy , people should incorporate fruits and vegetables in their diet. It will help to maintain a healthy weight. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans , half of your meals shou

S’mores Crescent Rolls ~ These crescent rolls may be the best ones in the entire world, because they are so amazing and so easily made.

S'mores Crescent Rolls ~ stuffed with chocolate chips, marshmallows, graham crackers and Nutella and topped with Nutella drizzle. I'd do without the graham crackers

A healthy spine is important to your overall health and well-being.  Regular visits to your chiropractor in addition to our PostureFit system can help keep your spine in great shape. This chart shows Spinal Nerve Function of the entire spine.  #GetPostureFit #PostureFit #Spine

Spinal Nerve Functions: Spinal Nerve, in vertebrates, any one of many paired peripheral nerves that arise from the spinal cord.