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Life on a Narcissistic Roller Coaster
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What Girls Really Do When They Go to the Bathroom Together Birds of a Feather Gone Flock Together Every Dude Knows How Annoying It Is When You Drop Game on a Girl but Her Friend Be the Mutumbo of Cock Blocking Girls Move as a Unit When It Comes to Their Friends Especially When Going to the Bathroom Wanna Bet? Take Two Female Friends and Put Them on Opposite Ends of the World Now Let One of Them Go to the Bathroom When the Other Friend Accepts Her Distress Signal She Goes as Well God Be Making People Like That I Can’t Have Homies Who Girls Have They Passcode This Is Like Having the Codes to Launch Nuclear Missels It’s Unsafe My Boy Abel Was the Light Skin of Light Skins So You Know His Girl Wore the Pants in the Relationship Me and Him on Double Dates With Our Ladies Him and His Girl Stay Fighting “If You Not Cheating Let Me See Them Text Messages” Boy Silent Like a Mouse She Bonk Gang That Boy Phone and Went to the Bathroom Every Girl in the Restaurant Stood Up I Reached for My Girl Another Girl Comes Up to Hold Me Back This Was a Scene Straight From iRobot Every Dude Watched as All the Girls Crammed Into the Bathroom Like a Middle School Fight There Was No One in the Kitchen Now One Dude Went to Knock on the Door to Check on His Girl There Was No Answer He Tried to Poke His Head in and Caught a Hit That Sent Him Flying Through the Store Front That Nigga Dead Now I Look and It’s Worse Than What I Expected the Single Friend Is Behind All the It’s Always the Ones Built Like Ursula That Be Bitter and Bitchy She Got All Our Girls in Some Kind of Bitter Bitch Spell Girls Be the FBI Agents We Keep Joking About Within Minutes They Were Able to Find Every Text Convo Phone Call and Transaction Made Had All That on Big Screen Like We at a Football Game We Went to Trial in a McDonald’s There Had to Be Bias During the Trial Every Girl There Listened to Beyoncé We Stood No Chance the Jury Found My Nigga Abel Guilty on 10 Counts of Cheating Polygamy Lying Under Oath No Ambition and Good Dick Whole Squad Guilty by Association That Boy Abel Serving 10 Years in Fuckboy Purgatory the System Is Constantly Coming for Black Men We All Single Now Pray for Abel He Dropped the Ball and Hopefull | Beyonce Meme on ME.ME
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I want more walls so I can hang more Bill Crisafi artwork.
I just love this time of the year! Wake up! #halloween2019 #scarymovies #HorrorMovies #bonfires #Fall2019 Halloween Memes, Halloween Countdown, Halloween Horror, Halloween Makeup, Halloween Costumes, Halloween Ideas, Happy Halloween Meme, Funny Halloween Pictures, Halloween Stuff
Cathy's Journey Through Beauty
I just love this time of the year! Wake up! #halloween2019 #scarymovies #HorrorMovies #bonfires #Fall2019
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Hilarious Memes Only People With A Super Dark Sense Of Humor Will Understand
28 Best Memes That Have A Dark Sense Of Humor
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46 Dank Memes That Will Get You Ready For The Weekend!
46 Thursday memes guaranteed to make you laugh - Gallery
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20 Best Adult Goth Memes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time
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You selfish people - Funny
You selfish people - 9GAG