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the sun shines through the trees over a small stream in a snowy forest with snow covered banks
Wolfram-Fotodesign (@3F_Bildideen) / Twitter
Nature's beauty... #WinterWonderFun @French Pascucci Czachor Pascucci Czachor Toast
a river surrounded by snow covered trees in the middle of winter with bright blue water
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a stream running through a snow covered forest
Nice to meet you..
Nice to meet you..
a boat is docked in the water near a house
Giethoorn 2010
Giethoorn | Holland http://www.flickr.com/photos/kruijffjes/4591260179/
a river running through a lush green park next to a house with lots of trees
Estate: Bilbury Gloucestershire England (Content in a Cottage)
Bibury, Gloucestershire, England
a dirt road going through a lush green field next to a stone wall and tree
Learning To Live In The Moment
Cumbria, England - Your journey starts here; who knows where your tale ends!