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there is a metal rack with hooks on it
Кованая вешалка №1621
a metal shelf with hooks and flowers on the top hanging from it's side
Кованые полки для цветов, книг и обуви
an iron rack with two umbrellas hanging from it's hooks on the wall
Wall hooks & pegs | Storage & organisers
a metal shelf with hooks on it against a yellow wall and rusted iron brackets
Perchero Hierro Forjado Estilo Antiguo - 4 Ganchos - $ 580
a metal shelf with two hooks and flowers on the top, hanging from a wooden wall
two purses hanging from hooks on a wall next to a pair of scissors and a scarf
Creative Ironwork Over The Door 5 Hook Organizer Rack
a piece of paper that is on top of a table with an iron scroll design