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the text reads, i pray he will know that i am his future wife from the moment he meets me
Amen!! @shepraysforhim
a quote that says god, i pray for divine alignment in every area of my life if
a white background with the words, god has already handled what you're worrying about
the text reads, on and never forgets you are the missing rib you don't have to search for him, he'll come find
God’s Word - Babe Revelations - Lifestyle- Advice
If he is the one, he will make sure to move mountains to be with you & won’t let you question where his loyalty lies.
a quote that reads, if god wants you to be with someone he'll make it happen at the right time and with the right person don't force it
the text is written in yellow and black on a piece of paper that reads, if you spend your time chasing butterflies, they'll
an image of a man with glasses and a quote on the page that says,