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a woman sitting in a tent on top of a green floor covered with blankets and pillows
people are sitting on the ground in front of hanging lights
Shambhala Music Festival 25th Anniversary | Voted Best Festival in North America
a bed covered in lots of blankets and pillows next to some tables with food on them
Lay out a bunch of blankets and string garlands above with pillows but in bright colors/garden theme
an overhead view of people laying on the grass in a park with picnic blankets and trees
people are standing under an artisticly designed canopy
Sacred Spaces Village | Burning Man 2013
a man with sunglasses on his face wearing a scarf and bandanna around his neck
The Top Outfits to Wear at Lost Lands Festival - Rave Hackers
an aerial view of a large group of people gathered in front of a colorful structure
Psychedelic Trance Party Decorations
a woman is dancing in front of an audience at a music festival with her hands up
many people are standing under an art installation
many people are standing under colorful umbrellas in front of a large mountain with trees on it
Shankra Festival - Suiza
a man standing on top of a stage with his hands in the air as he sings
a group of people standing in front of a tent with an american flag on it
Fishing on Orfű 2014