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Next up 'Genetics Chart' EDIT: Added a whole bunch of stuff!! Im really glad with the response ive had from this, eveyone is so friendly and eager to learn! Thanks guys, you make me so ha...

) But there are more than this chart indicates. Plus, there are more horse colors than black and white and palomino. Horse Colour Chart vs 2 by Gaurdianax on deviantART


One of the most simple pleasures in life is taking the time to braid your horse's hair. We've put together a few of the most interesting photos and ideas.

Gyönyörű lovak a Goldspur birtokon!

Gyönyörű lovak a Goldspur birtokon!

The Basic Construction of the Horse... I love drawing horses, but can never master the legs. Maybe this will help.

How To Draw Horses a step-by-step tutorial on drawing a horse starting from sketches, helps in nderstanding basic horse anatomy and movement.

The amazing queen chrysalis in real form.From mlp fim

We present in this item, fantasy and mythical creature by Sandara. Sandara is a young and talented artist from Singapore.