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Criminal Love - Ch 8 - Wattpad

Read Ch 8 from the story Criminal Love by trashofdirkjake (TrashOfDirkJake) with reads. I sighed and looked into the.

I found some DirkJake the other day so I thought I would share it with u all.

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Interspecies mpreg | dirk_x_mpreg_jake__i_m_going_to_break_your_hand_by_fanfic_queen ...

“Gosh darn it Dirk, can’t you get me some pain pills or anything?” Jake cursed, looking at his boyfriend with frantic and angry eyes. Dirk x Mpreg!Jake- I'm Going to Break Your Hand

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I’m late but I had to draw something for Chofi’s Zombie au ok so I’m just going to leave this herE