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colorful carpeted stairs leading up to the second floor with potted plant on top
Stair Runner – Combe - No Straight Lines by K&H Design
Voysey 22 - VO HT - Insitu
there is a yellow hand rail on the stairs in this house with white walls and wood floors
Stinas kreativa loppishem i Hus och Hem
a dog sitting on the floor in front of a red stair case next to a black table
Step Inside the Wildly Chic Brussels Home of the Casamidy Founders – Frederic Magazine
the stairs are painted pink and have wooden handrails that lead up to the second floor
How to paint your stairs: guarding the wet paint
there is a blue stair case in the house with shoes on it and a potted plant next to it
a staircase in the middle of a room with lots of windows and plants on it
House of the day: Walstrom House by John Lautner | Journal | The Modern House
an ornate staircase with floral wallpaper and wooden handrails
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