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a ceramic ornament that says love you to the moon and back on a wooden surface
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Love you to the moon: blush clay with personalised by TwoAndBoo
four different types of hair clips in various shapes and sizes, with the words creation my way written on them
Fimo legs mark the spot!
two white metal hooks sitting on top of a green cloth covered floor with the end of one
Tutorial - How to Make Polymer Clay Disk Earrings
TIP: Bend eye-pins to prevent them from pulling out after baking. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials
three little white clouds with pink noses are on a person's hand and they are being held in the palm
Easy charms for beginners. Easy because all you need to do is cut a white blob of clay into shape, add 2 black pressed dots and pink blush. You could use clear nail polish to glaze it too.
four popsicles with the words clay popsicle tutor written in rainbow colors on them
Clay Popsicle Charms Tutorial
Clay popsicle charms tutorial | Make Life Lovely #sculpeyprojects
the instructions for making waffles with icing and other things to make them look like
Clay DIY
an image of how to bake polymer clay in the oven with text overlay
How to Properly Bake Polymer Clay
How to Bake Polymer Clay Tutorial on KatersAcres Blog http://katersacres.com
several different colored feathers are arranged in rows
Мороженое из полимерной глины: Мастер-Классы в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
Лепим миниатюрный рожок мороженого из полимерной глины / Tiny Polymer clay Ice Cream Tutorial #diy
a close up of a metal hook on a white background with words describing how to use polymer clay tips
Worksheet Series: Gingerbread Ornament
Polymer Clay Tip: Securing Eye Pins into Clay by KatersAcres | CLICK for more polymer clay tutorials, tips, & tricks
the instructions for how to paint nails with acrylic and gelishes on them
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Clay Easter Bunny Instruction
the blue bottle tree is selling polymer clay sealers to avoid molds and why
Do you have to seal polymer clay?
There are good sealers for polymer clay and then there are some that aren't so good. Find out which ones to use, and if you even need to use...
there are many different images of the same object on this page, and each one has its own image
[Tuto Fimo] Comment réaliser un collier Rectangle Fleuri - Tuto Fimo
Tuto-fimo-debut More
an info sheet showing different types of food and their ingredients, including doughnuts
Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks by Madizzo on DeviantArt
Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks http://madizzo.deviantart.com/art/Polymer-Clay-Tips-and-Tricks-271667843
the process for making an octopus ring is being made with polymer beads and glues
Tutorial ~ Making a Polymer Clay Pendant using a Makin’s Clay Extruder
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