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Here are the 2017 good feng shui areas in your home or office; be sure to apply our basic feng shui tips and annual feng shui cures to create best energy.

Looking for Chinese good luck charms? Or, even better, good luck charms with good feng shui? We have a variety of good luck charms for you, with all the good luck tips you need!

23 Practically Free Crafts

DIY: Charming Bookmarks Cut velvet ribbon into nine-inch lengths. Purchase ribbon clamps the same width as your ribbon, affix clamps to both ends of each ribbon. Finish by attaching charms, trinkets, or vintage earrings to the clamps with jump rings.

Pet Studio Newport Cat Litter Box Cabinet | Wayfair

Pet Studio Newport Cat Litter Box Cabinet This item is available for purchase.or you can convert a flea market find.keeps the gravel from being spread all over the floor.